How to make your windows 7 pc look like a mac for free

Instead, we will only get involved with Windows, and see how we can give it a Mac appearance. Someone might wonder, why spend time trying to make Windows look like Mac, when one can theoretically install the macOS on the computer instead? The method known as "Hackintosh" allows you to run macOS in a typical computer, without necessarily having a Mac. However, Hackintosh is not for everyone. The biggest limitation is the fact that particular equipment is required, and cannot work just with any hardware.

If you do not have the right combination of processor, motherboard, RAM and graphics card, macOS will not work on the computer. Moreover, the process of installation and upgrading is quite difficult for an average user. So, if all you want is just the Mac look, then you do not have to deal with Hackintosh at all. If you still want to run the Apple OS, you can do so for free with a virtual machine. This way, all the necessary files and programs for changing appearance will be automatically installed, and all changes to system files will be automatically applied. The problem with these packages is that, apart from the skin, there is a chance that they may contain malware that can lead to an infection of your system.

Additionally, apart from viruses, such applications could damage Windows system files that they attempt to modify. So, it is advisable to avoid these types of files, despite the convenience that they may offer, unless you trust their sources and their risks. The base for the Mac appearance is the main theme that shall be used in Windows. A very good choice in this case is Sierra for Windows 10 , which you can find for free in deviantArt. From the same author you can find Sierra for Windows 7. In any case, check the author's installation instructions, as for every version of Windows the process may differ slightly.

To download the theme, press the Download button located at the top right part of the page.

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Of course, you can use any skin that you want for the Mac appearance, since there are dozens of free themes in deviantArt, as well as various other websites. However, you should make sure that the theme you decide to use is compatible with the version of Windows that you have installed. To bypass this limitation, you have to make a few tweaks to some system files.

How to Make Your Windows Computer Look Like a Mac! NO DOWNLOADS NEEDED!!!: 6 Steps

With UxStyle , these tweaks will be applied automatically, without you performing any actions. So, download the corresponding file from the UxStyle website, depending on the version of Windows that you have installed in your computer. The installation procedure is very easy; all you have to do is run the downloaded file and click on Install. After the procedure is completed, click on Close. The theme that you downloaded earlier is in. As you will see, it contains a folder named Sierra for Windows 10 , which contains a folder named Themes , and which, in turn, contains three subfolders.

2. Enter to Rename

Depending on your Windows 10 build, you should choose the corresponding folder. In that case, the Anniversary Update folder should do just fine until UxStyle is updated. So, after selecting the appropriate folder, navigate inside it and copy all of its contents three folders and one file. Then, navigate to the following directory and paste them in it:. Windows will ask you to confirm this action, since, when it comes to system folders, you need have administrator rights to modify them.

2. Mac computers are easier to get repaired.

Alternatively, you could just use icloud. There is sadly no GarageBand app for Windows. One of the biggest sticking points, however, is iMessage.

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  • So if you spent a lot of time answering texts from your computer, you might want to find another way of communicating. Just be warned: If you want to install a different browser, Microsoft gets a little… aggressive:. Use at your own risk. One of the most compelling reasons to switch to a Windows machine right now is that many of them look great, and Microsoft and its manufacturing partners are trying some truly interesting and potentially innovative things with PC designs.

    Give Your Desktop a New Look Today

    Apple, on the other hand, has not updated the designs of many of its computers in years, and the ones it has updated have been met with complaints, or lawsuits. The computer swivels from a traditional desktop setup down to a near-flat position to make drawing easy.

    How to make Windows 10 look like Mac [SUPER EASY]

    The company also introduced new iterations of its fabric-covered Surface Laptop and Surface Pro tablet. Both run full versions of Windows and can do just about anything a desktop would—save, perhaps, playing super detailed video games—but in easily portable form factors. Other manufacturers have put out some truly impressive Windows hardware recently, as well. Mo ve your mouse to the very bottom of the screen and it should appear untill you move your mouse off it. You can access the task bar by moving your cursor to the bottom of the screen at any time.

    Right mouse click anywhere on the homescreen where there isn't any icons.

    Hover your mouse over view so the pop out appears like in the screen shot above. Click on 'Align icons to grid' so the tick dissappears and click off it. You can now move the icons on screen anywhere and they won't be stuck in a grid system. Click on an icon and drag it into the box at the bottom, leave a small space bettween each app and don't over crowd it. It is also best if you move the recycle bin to the far right of the box. If you ever need to access the windows taskbar, just put your mouse at the very bottom of the screen and it should appear!

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    If you get confused with any of the steps in this guide, feel free to ask me in the comment boxes below each slide! Not for beginners!! If you have photoshop, you can make your desktop look even more like a mac then it does already. Just leave the icons on the desktop in the dock at the bottom, then change your wallpaper to a blank colour green is usually the best then take a screen shot.

    Open the screen shot in photoshop then remove the background, so you just have the icons. Then flip the icons upside down, as if it were a reflection. The use the soft edged eraser tool to get the icons to fade out.