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Aqua Data Studio Aqua Data Studio is a powerful tool for SQL editing and development that allows users to create, edit and execute SQL scripts and browse database structures in a simple, effortless manner. Aqua Data Studio comes with a built-in database environment with just one interface for all major relational databases. As a result, the developer or DBA will be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. The program also contains an advanced Query Analyzer that lets users to develop and test database scripts, including comprehensive client statistical information and multigrid results by using specific RDBMS syntax highlighting and auto-completion.

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Aqua Data Studio provides graphical browsing capabilities that allow you to easily understand the structure and dependencies of the database schema. Download Aqua Data Studio. NET Obfuscator Professional 8. NET Obfuscator code protection tool.

Text Comparator 1. ActiveState ActivePerl Windows 5. RJ TextEd Highlight 1. You should see your server connected. You can expand the tables in your server by clicking on the drop down in your left pane. To test your connection, click on New Query or hit cmd-N to open a new query window.

Customer; and then hit Run. You should expect an output just like the one below. Did you notice the Intellisense at play?

Checks if there exists any other stored procedure with the same name, Drops it and creates this one. Creates this stored procedure. Executes this stored procedure.

How to Install MSSQL Server on Mac Os using Docker Container

Starting from the stored procedure we just used, we will output the data in a JSON format. Now, this might come in handy in different scenarios, but in my case: it fits perfectly for a visualization tool with a javascript front end. Reminder: In this stored procedure, we fetch all the data for any customer with the input customer id. You can even add this command after any query and the output will be in JSON format.

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PS: Even if the command has a squiggly line underneath it — it still works, trust me, I tried it :. This is huge — I am super excited that Azure Data Studio lets you create your own mini visualizations instead of just a table. You can even add it to a dashboard that constantly refreshes can become handy in query performance, PSI calculations or literally anything. This query will fetch all the different titles for the customers, and then groups them and returns the count of each title.

Four reasons you need IBM Data Studio

Instead of the tabulated results, you can click on the plot icon on the right. This will show you a bar plot that represents our data. The actual plot is so cool, it shows you a clear legend with a tooltip functionality to check the actual counts. Select all the widget settings, hit right-click and select Format Document. This will help you see it a bit more clearly :. This will open the dashboard settings where we want the widget to be.

Just look at the image below, you can already see where our widget will be located. Search for dashboard.