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1) Install Java SE Development Kit

It is possible to develop scripts for the command line. But actually, what is better than TextEdit is a program such as TextWrangler.

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The shell that Terminal. We won't go any more deeply into shell scripts here in this wikibook, but it's just good to know what they are. You can always google for more information now that you know what to google for. When you open Terminal and you learn how to type in commands.

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The commands are usually command-line tools or scripts. Above, we just talked about developing your own scripts with a text editor. It's also possible to develop your own command-line tools, using XCode. This is an advanced thing to do. Usually, power-users will write a shell-script or some other kind of thing such as an AppleScript or an Automator Workflow but it's good to know what a command-line tool is.

Command-line tools have a textual user-interface rather than a graphical user interface GUI. Java used to be treated by Apple as a "first class language" to develop for Mac OS, however in recent years, Apple has less support for Java. Now with Mac OS X Java is still available, but users have to download Java from Oracle's website and install it themselves. Apple's Mac App Store doesn't even allow Java apps to be sold at their store calling Java "deprecated".

However, there still are Mac developers who use Java because it has the advantage of being cross-platform compatible.

Getting Your Java 8 App in the Mac App Store

For example, the same source-code can be used to generate software that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. Apple has said that Java reduces the Mac to the "least common denominator". That's why they support it less.

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Python is somewhat supported by Apple. There are third-party libraries that allow developers to develop applications using Python and Cocoa together, but these are not very well maintained, and Python on the Mac is most suitable for developing command-line utilities, or cross-platform scripts that aren't really very Mac-like. Most Mac users use Safari for their web browser.

Adding the JAR

Safari uses the standards set by w3c. If you're developing websites using your Mac and using Safari, remember to test your webpages on other platforms and with other web browsers. You could call AppleScript a "native" language too, but it isn't really used to make commercial applications. It was designed to be used by real power-users to automate their tasks. Although it is possible to use AppleScript to build Cocoa applications in XCode, this would be more for users who already know AppleScript and don't want to learn Objective-C.

Bundle the Java JRE into your macOS application

Hi, the biggest difference between the Ensemble8 app and mine is the location of the java runtime: Ensemble8 only has got the lib folder but mine has a bunch of more files like a extra Info. But I have no influence on how javapackager structures the app, so I have no clue what to do now, any idea?

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  5. JanPRO , Jun 21, It seems like you will need to manually sign each one of these components with codesign. Erel , Jun 21, Finally I was able to upload my App to iTunes Connect. It seems that my certificates were not valid. I will check if Apple accepts my App and will post a tutorial soon.

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