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I could not use Firefox but did find another browser for the teacher to use called "TenfourFox" a derivative of Mozilla Firefox but at least its more secure than Safari 3. I also had to find a virus checking software that supports This is to protect her from sending any windows virus to the Diocese. I was going to use the G5 as file server but ended up copying files that I needed to much larger drives and using the JBOD box to hold 4 hard drives for the iMac. So if you have that Intel MacPro 1,1 or 2,1 you can update but the downsize is its hog on the electric bill.

When I got iMac and had it setup with external drives my electric bill decreased and that was during the air condition season. There are technical issues that prevent running These hacks may require specific new hardware e. As to where to get newer OSes, the place to start is with Snow Leopard You need Snow Leopard even if it is not your final destination, as Lion I don't know if the Lion download is old enough to install on your machine; Apple may have updated it to the latest Lion release.

Mavericks is a free Mac App Store download and is not hidden away in "you can only find me if you know the right way to look for me" limbo like the others.

Apple iMac Late 2006 Dual Booting Snow Leopard & Lion

But keep in mind that neither Mountain Lion nor Mavericks will run on your machine without hacks. Since you are using one of the earliest Mac Pros, and were earlier using a PowerMac G5, you might well be using many of those. Unless you can identify specific benefits to going with Lion, or are willing to take the risk of hacking the machine to run a newer OS, I would think Snow Leopard would be the best update here. They are not compatible. From the info posted earlier in this thread, it sounds like the OP has acquired an early Mac Pro since his previous " In that thread, it was clear that he had only a PowerMac G5.

Devices and Mac OS X version

The new machine is not a G5. Also, I believe there is no need to "hack" the firmware on the Mac Pro to get it to run Snow Leopard in bit kernel mode. It should just install and run. The darn thing from chime to log on is 15 sec. Not bad for a dinosaur; down side but guys have done it both ways is to have a partition or drive with Then to install change ownership and bless a folder.

So removing the drive from the All the apps are more responsive with the SSD drive. Even though I have a 27" iMac I am pleased with the new life of my MacPro at least it will have a few more years of work.

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So the biggest hurdle is being comfortable with terminal commands glad that my last job we used Unix work stations and I already knew how to get and put files from work station to workstations on a network. So it good to be familiar with several OS's. Apple would still make money for those of us that can't afford to buy new equipment.

Is it just greed or what? I love them now that I have them even though I hated Macs when they first came out. I was able to upgrade on my one PC to Vista and on my laptop to windows 7 and put larger memory in all my windows based units. Microsoft is still making money I wanna scream at them Ya know? I don't want to hack into my G5 to do something It's not worth the money to do so for one, and Apple doesn't sell parts like the PC aftermarket does.

Update/upgrade Power Mac G5 | Mac Support

Forget the old PC way of thinking. Apple doesn't work that way. David M. It also allows for installation of newer versions of the operating system — up through Leopard. If you want to rip the guts out of your Power Mac G5 and destroy it, nobody is stopping you. Good luck getting hold of a motherboard Apple sells them only as repair parts ; even if you do, you still won't have Thunderbolt or USB 3. Those improvements are part of the black cylinder Mac Pro Late design. If you still are interested in an aluminum Mac Pro, it would make a lot more sense to purchase one from the Refurbished section of the Apple Store or to to buy one used, than to try to make over an eight to eleven year old machine.

Do Dell and HP go out of their way to help you turn your eight to eleven year old PCs into ones with all of the same specifications as a new PC, at a cost less than that of buying a new PC? I may have mis-understood what Elbert was originally describing as he made reference to both a G5 and Intel.

That being said people have modded G5 boxes to run intel processors. The problem you would have is a way to mount the mother board and then line up to the slots and finally a power supply.

More for the DIY whom likes to do that type of stuff. There are MacPro and just before the newest those would be a choice as they have 64 bit EFI and lci express slots for USB 3 card not sure if thunderbolt card as I am sure someone can correct me. Now in my case I purchased a refurb 27" iMac 3. This has to be done after every OS update; so I will have to do it when.

Another down side is that you cannot use single user mode unless you flash a Radeon video card. You can check the above site to roll your own as you are familiar with updating a Windows machine. Now there are some who will worry about the software and flag police but pay no attention to them.

Mac Pro G5 10.5.8 upgrade?

I have built 3 hack and have legally bought ALL the software. My suggestion is to buy either a used or refurbished Mac also check certain forums if there have been any problems. She was not that tech savvy to realize that when the 1 wide pixels lines showed up she should have check with Apple. When I saw it you could hard use it.

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The newest version of 8 would only work on snow leopard There's no way 9 would work on a G5. The best thing you can do is download 8. Your PT9 auth allows you to run 8 as well.

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