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Please do not play with partitioning options if your are not an advanced user.

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List of selections.. There is already a basic default profile chosen. You should add only device drivers for your hardware setup at first trials of your OSX86 installing adventure if you are a newbie, then you may try adding other packages to find out the best combination for your PC. Adding a few packages to default profile will probably be enough for most computers. Please read the descriptions of the packages carefully.

Basics you should know: - Do not select more than one item for one operation. Only select one bootloader, one enabler method for your graphic card, one method for your sound card, etc.. You can easily find the solution for i. If you are complaining about having no success on 3rd install, then install Windows XP. RAID0 is normally used to increase performance for both read and write. It can also be used as a way to create a small number of large virtual disks out of a large number of small physical ones. Simply it is a way to use the disks like using the dual or more channel RAMs, so it increases the read and write performance more than a bit.

This is mostly for data safety and also an increase of performance for read operations is expected. The RAID array can only be as big as the smallest member of the slices.

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The slices are merely concatenated together, end to beginning, so they appear to be a single large disk. It provides no data redundancy. This may be thought of as the inverse of partitioning. Whereas partitioning takes one physical drive and creates two or many more logical volumes, concatenation uses two or more slices to create one logical volume. No increase in performance is possible and neither increased data reliability is possible.

Do the math for the others. Add the target partitions or disks to RAID set by dragging them and when you are done, click to "Create" button. I am using Grub to boot all. Your custom kernel and many drivers will be protected after the update but some drivers and patches will be overwritten and some will be non-functional, so computers that need these drivers and patches will need to take some actions after updating.

So, you will need to re-install them after applying the update.

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Kext Utility. Drag the kexts on to Kext Utility. Solution is deleting AppleHDA. You need to search for new version of this patch. Follow Netkas' blog. Every main system update had some issues with our PC hardwares that had been covered mostly after the release of the update, so updating like real Macs is not a thing that you can always count on because we can never know what Apple will do for the next update.

Until now it had no major problems with X86 PC hardwares. If it is GPT then you need to repartition your harddisk by loosing all the data in it. Click to partitioning options, select MBR and do the partitioning. OS targets must be one of the first 3 partitions creating with Disk Utility. For windows, make sure the windows target disk is the first preceding disk by your BIOS, unplug the other harddisks if needed. This is a general windows issue. For linux, do not install linux bootloader to MBR, install it to linux root.

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Now you have triple boot on MBR. You will loose all the data on target disk by repartitioning. Windows and Linux targets should be of the first 3 partitions.

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You have dual-boot with OS X and windows right now. Do not install the linux bootloader to MBR, install it linux root. Do not change the boot flags. Do not modify the partition table, it can be risky for some distros, just erase the target and do the install. Use grub2. X is the BSD number of your target disk, run disk utility and right click on your disk, you will see it.

Unfortunately I cannot understand your situation so some time by the time you notice me, I might have crashed a plane or ruined millions.

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So please, practice, observe and understand my hints. Most of the time, instead of killing me you just change my dress and location. Sometime, you even break me in to pieces and scatter me in your code base. Unfortunately, we do not follow the law of physics so some time when you break me in pieces, every piece could be bigger than the original itself. Even in pieces we communicate with each other, we affect each other and because of this you get confused.

Rather than finding all the pieces, you take one piece and kill it or unfortunately break it in even more pieces…and cycle continues.

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Buried in your millions of line of code, I wait patiently for my angles called testers who have skills and mandate to discover me. Given the right environment these angles could find most of us. But look, what have you done to my angles? You have converted them from angel to robot so rather than finding me, they are following some steps.

If I am lucky, they will find me otherwise my angles will pass by me and ignore me, because someone has given them steps to follow rather than mandate to find me. Will I not feel angry about it? How would you feel if you struggle to survive in a sea and rescue boat follow the route given to them and ignores your plea? Sometime my angels create robot themselves and call it test automation. This can be extremely useful, but only if mandate for them is to find me rather than creating more robots. Unfortunately, for many people mandate is limited to the creation of these robots and they are worse for me.

So as long as you have assessed risk associated with me staying in your code, I can live there happily. I just do not want to live there with feeling that I am not wanted here and I can possibly hurt someone.

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Please, I do not want to stay in your code or system. I know some of us are a bit naughty and will come without invitation. For those naughty defects, give our angels mandate to find them in best possible way rather than following steps or creating just robots. I am good at heart and do not want to hurt anyone, so please find me and get me out of your code base. Remember, I am a defect buried in your code and waiting for you. Please be aware of my presence and keep your eyes open for me. Fuente: Testinggeek.

Ejecuta Disk Warrior y reconstruye el volumen. Reinicia tu equipo.